Why Your Advisor Should Be a Fiduciary

XPYRIA Insight

From our inception, XPYRIA has served our clients according to a Fiduciary Standard of Care which means that, by law, we must put our clients’ best interest first.  Thus, XPYRIA does not sell products or proprietary funds and we do not accept commissions.  Our adherence to this Fiduciary Standard has allowed us to remain independent and free from potential conflicts of interest.

This distinction sets us apart from other advisors who are only subject to a suitability standard.  Under the suitability standard, an advisor is free to recommend any investment, including those for which the advisor receives a commission, as long as the investment is suitable for the client’s situation.

By adhering to the Fiduciary Standard, we have aligned our interests with those of our clients and are empowered to serve as your strong advocate.

For this reason, the Fiduciary Standard can be considered the” gold standard” among financial advisors.

For more information on the importance of selecting an advisor who is a fiduciary, we recommend this article (hyperlink) from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).